Brad Ader

-Jeanine did a great job staging my condo. In a few days we had a contract at list price. Closed 35 days later. Like clockwork. Can’t thank her enough.

-Jeanine has represented me on two separate occasions in the purchase of a condo and she has represented friends of mine as well. We have all be very happy with her work. I am a licensed real estate agent, but I primarily work in commercial real estate and I understand the value of having a specialist who knows her craft.

In fact, in my last purchase with Jeanine, I was prepared to offer the seller a certain price and I told her. She told me it was too high and provided me a comparable of a condo that was exactly the same that sold one month before on the same block for a price lower than what I would have offered on my own. Thanks to her advice, I was able to negotiate a price below the lowest comparable.

Jeanine is someone you can trust and she will not pressure you to do anything you do not want to do. She also has great ideas for decorating and improvements.