Julie Brown

I am sending this letter to thank you so much for everything that you have done for me to assist me not only in purchasing my new home, but all the extras which you provided. My initial experience with the first realtor I was using was very frighteningand I have to say that I really got lucky with the recommendation I received to switch to you. This is the 9th house that I have purchased in 5 different States, and hands-down it has been the best experience I have had with any realtor. I can’t say how valuable it was for me to have someone who knows all the Chicago neighborhoods, history, and current developments which allowed us to really focus on neighborhoods which really suited my lifestyle, as well as being able to give me recommendations around the neighborhood on restaurants, hair stylist, night-life, and transportation options. You really helped me in getting acclimated to the area quickly, and I would recommend you and your team to anyone who is interested in buying or selling their home. Thank you so much for everything!