Mark Hassman

Working with the Jeanine Wheeler Group was amazing. From start to finish they took care of us. I say the Jeanine Wheeler Group purposefully in that statement. Though my wife and I contacted Jeanine for representation, we really were represented by her whole team, which is a wonderful thing. It was fantastic knowing that no matter what, there was someone looking out for us, whether it be Jeanineor someone else from her team. The care we received was great. Especially considering how stressful buying and selling a home is.What can we say about Jeanine’s services other than they were outstanding? She helped us stage the condo we were selling at no extra cost, which was unheard until we met Jeanine. This wasn’t a quick, cursory, “here is what you do” staging, but an in-depth analysis of our home and what was needed to make it look as good as possible. Her team brought in lamps, decorations, rugs…you name it. Whatever was needed. The place looked great after her team touched it up and I have no doubt that this helped us sell our home so quickly. Jeanine brings a lot of experience to the table on the buying side as well. After a handful of showings, she knew exactly what my wife and I were looking for concerning our new home…even before we knew ourselves. She found us a place that fit our needs brilliantly and her team once again saw us through the whole process of purchasing the home. If I had to sum it up, Jeanine and her team take as much stress as possible out of the home buying and selling process. They take care of you and have you covered, even if you don’t realize it. She’s a great partner to work with and we cannot see ourselves using anyone else in the future. Thanks for everything Jeanine!!